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27.06.2019, neues deutschland

Hohe Suizidrate bei Geflüchteten

Die Antirassistische Initiative Berlin dokumentiert die Folgen deutscher Asylpolitik read more

Language(s): Deutsch / German
Region(s): Deutschland

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Sea rescue is not a crime

Recent attempts to criminalise sea rescuers show one thing above all: the entry of migrants should be prevented by all means. After the confiscation of the ship Iuventa owned by Jugend rettet, the ship Open Arms of the NGO Proactiva Open Arms has now also been confiscated and members of the crew are accused of "facilitating illegal migration". We demand a human response to migratory movements! As long as there are no safe escape routes, death in the Mediterranean will not stop either.

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Situation of refugees and migrants in Italy

Here you will find information and a newsletter about the situation of refugees and migrants in Italy. We apologize - only in German language! This newsletter has been produced on behalf of PRO ASYL from 2009 -2017 by our Italian office and is published on the pages of Pro Asyl and borderline-europe. From 2017 December borderline-europe will produce the newsletter.

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Bridges instead of walls – strategies against the stigmatisation of refugees

The aim of the project 'Bridges instead of walls – strategies against the stigmatisation of refugees' is to engage against discrimination based on origin and to stand together in solidarity. The project is realised in the period from October 2017 to March 2019 in cooperation of the partners Borderline Sicilia in Italy, Asyl in Not in Austria and borderline-europe e.V. in Germany.

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Mosaik Support Center For Refugees And Locals

Mosaik Support Center is a community space in the heart of Mytilene, the capital of the Greek island of Lesbos. It is focused on providing conditions for local integration of refugees living on Lesbos. The Mosaik Support Center offers educational services, legal and social support, and creative and physical activities. Coursework includes Greek, English, Arabic, Farsi, and other language classes; a Legal Service Center; and creative activities. With a framework of cultural and educational exchange in place, we hope to facilitate the social and economic integration process for refugees.

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Proti Stassi

Since 2015, Proti Stassi is the first station for newly arrived refugees that land on the beaches from Korakas to Lagada in North-eastern Lesvos. From these beaches we organise, in cooperation with other volunteer groups, initial treatment and transport of refugees.

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Tribunale permanente dei popoli sui diritti delle persone migranti e rifugiate (2017-2018)

Il 18 dicembre 2017- in occasione della ricorrenza della data di approvazione (18.12.1990) da parte delle Nazioni Unite dellaConvenzione per la tutela dei diritti di tutti i lavoratori migranti e della loro famiglie– si aprirà la prima sessione del Tribunale Permanente dei Popoli dedicata alla violazione del diritto di migranti e dei rifugiati.

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SOS Méditerranée

SOS Méditerranée is an European humanitarian organization engaged in the "Search and Rescue" Missions (SAR) in the Mediterranean Sea.

As a civil society initiative, they set themselves the following tasks:

  • Equipment, use and coordination of European civil rescue vessels
  • Medical-psychological support on board and social support
  • Informing the public in Europe and in the countries of origin about the situation of
    Refugees in the Mediterranean
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Fluchtort Ägäis

The brochure "Safe Passage - Rüstungsexporte und Migratiosabwehr" takes an exemplary look at the Aegean region. With the EU-Turkey Agreement of 2016, the Aegean region is a blueprint for the EU's current policy of sealing off the EU: the expansion of military surveillance and the securitisation of refugee policy, cooperation with states that disregard democracy and human rights, and the relocation of migration processing to third countries. borderline-europe reports in the section "Fluchtort Ägäis" (p. 6 - 11) about the situation on the ground, about arrivals in Greece and deaths in the Aegean Sea, the EU-Turkey Agreement, imprisonment, deportation and criminalization.
Language(s): Deutsch / German

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Wie Libyen zum sicheren Hafen wurde. Die Zuweisung einer libyschen „Search and Rescue Zone“ als europäisches Migrationsmanagement

Unser neues Essay über die libysche Seenotrettungs-Zone, die für die EU-Staaten als Vorwand genommen wird, um Geflüchtete in die libyschen Haftzentren zurückzuschicken.
Language(s): Deutsch / German

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Joko & Klaas Live – 15 Minuten

Milwaukee M18FMTIWF12-0X Akku-Schlagschrauber 18V 1/2 HD-Box
Neu: Neuer, unbenutzter und unbeschädigter Artikel in nicht geöffneter Originalverpackung (soweit eine ... Mehr zum Thema Zustand
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An investigation by Forensic Oceanography and Forensic Architecture Realised with the support of Borderline Europe, the WatchTheMed platform and Transmediale

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